Verified ASA APIs
API documentation on how to fetch details on any ASA, along with its verification status.
Pera's ASA API provides details on every ASA on Mainnet, in addition to the verification status of the asset.

Base URL

Base URL for all endpoints listed on this page is:

Asset Detail

This endpoint returns Asset information about a specific ASA on the Algorand blockchain. It also includes Collectible information when applicable. This is the recommended public API for fetching the verification status of an ASA from Pera. More details about the verification program can be found here:
Asset Detail

Sample Requests

curl --location -g --request GET ''
import requests
url = ""
headers = {}
response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data=payload)

Sample Response

"asset_id": 2147483648,
"name": "string",
"unit_name": "string",
"fraction_decimals": 0,
"total": "string",
"usd_value": "string",
"is_verified": true,
"verification_tier": "trusted",
"collectible": {
"standard": "arc3",
"media_type": "image",
"primary_image": "",
"title": "string",
"explorer_url": "",
"media": [
"type": "image",
"download_url": "",
"preview_url": "",
"extension": "string"
"description": "string",
"traits": [
"display_name": "string",
"display_value": "string"
"creator": {
"id": 0,
"address": "string",
"is_verified_asset_creator": "string"
"project_url": "",
"project_name": "string",
"logo": "",
"logo_svg": "",
"discord_url": "",
"telegram_url": "",
"twitter_username": "string",
"description": "string"
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