Public API

Here, you'll find everything you need to know about accessing and interacting with our Public API endpoints. Our API allows you to seamlessly integrate our services into your applications. Below is an overview of the key endpoints available to you, along with detailed descriptions and usage instructions.

Base URL

Base URL for all endpoints listed on this page


Usage Requirements

To use Pera Wallet Public API you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Please note “Data provided by Pera“ & display the Pera logo

  • Display the Pera Verified and Suspicious badges next to each ASA

  • Link to the ASA's Pera Explorer page, with the Pera logo and "View on Pera Explorer" call to action clearly visible.

All brand assets are available at our media kit.

Deprecation Notice

As part of this expansion, we are restructuring our existing public endpoints. The current v1/ endpoints will be moved to the v1/public/ path.

There will not be any change in the response format of these APIs, but the requests will be redirected to the new path starting August 1st 2024. It is important for users to migrate their projects to the new path to ensure faster access to the API.

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