Welcome to Pera Docs

This technical documentation hub collects all the various public APIs and functionality Pera provides in the Algorand ecosystem.
If you have any questions on how to use these resources, the best place to ask them are on our Discord server, under the #dev-support channel.

Pera Connect for WalletConnect

Interested in integrating Pera Wallet to your web-based Algorand application? We've built the best WalletConnect library for doing just that, using only a few lines of code. You can read the full documentation and integration examples at the Pera Connect Github repo.
GitHub - perawallet/connect: JavaScript SDK for integrating Pera Wallet to web applications.

ASA APIs and Verification Status

You can use our Verified ASA APIs to fetch details about any ASA on the Algorand network. For details, see our Verified ASA APIs:

NFT Parsing Documentation

Our NFT infrastructure continuously collects and caches new NFTs minted on the Algorand network. For details on what we consider an NFT and how we parse various protocols, read our NFT Documentation: